Ultimate Guide to Planning a Trip to New York

How can an ultimate guide to planning a trip to New York in 2017 manage to squeeze itself into a thousand words? Quite simply, it can’t. That said, it can none the less be written by calling upon some of the best online resources and passing them onto those looking to plan the ultimate 2017 New York Holiday.

Hence, that is exactly what you are about to discover; as well as providing those looking to make the most of their time in The Big apple, with a heads-up on how to do so, here are also are handful of the best online resources to turn to for even more top tricks, tips and attractions to know about ahead of hitting New York.


In order to get to New York and have sufficient spending money to enjoy your time there, the first thing you will want to do is bag some bargain flights.

In order to achieve this, begin by shirking your high street travel agent and instead get pro-active and take control of your search. This is the only means of ensuring you really do get the best price, and this is true wherever it is you happen to be heading.

One recent contender and flight provider to hit the industry in recent years which along with the better known of Skyscanner flights website is Globehunters, one of the leading online sources for cheap flights. Hence, bookmark and regularly keep an eye on the deals provided via both these flights providers; the difference in what you stand to pay when using Skyscanner or Globehunters as a pose to many of the more widely recognised names in travel often amounts to hundreds, which could really impact in turn on the quality of your holiday – as well as the quality of accommodation you can afford to stay in whilst in NY.

Just remember, as a final note and tip, to always search for both flights and as well accommodation (when looking online) using your chosen browser’s ‘incognito’ mode; this will prevent Google or the sites you visit from storing cookies relating to your searches and potentially hoiking up the prices when you search for the same thing numerous times or consistently over the course of days, weeks or months.


Accommodation in a super city search as New York is like looking for rooms, suites and apartments in London; the less you pay the less space, luxury and the fewer amenities and creature comforts you can expect to enjoy in return.

How then can you bag great accommodation at an equally great price? Well, there are several ways. Which approach you take can bag you a bargain, the trick is to find the approach that works for you. To help you do that, here are the three most popular means of getting an affordable room or suite whilst in New York.

  1. You can rely on a well known travel supermarket search site such as Trivago. In order to make your money stretch the farthest when using a site such as Trivago you will need to leave booking rooms as late as possible; the less likely it is a room or suite will get booked the lower the price falls to try and prevent this from occurring.
  2. Alternatively, you can instantly save and do so whenever you book by looking into renting either rooms or an entire apartment in New York by searching for one via the Airbnb website, via which people rent out their own spare rooms and / or entire properties to would-be visitors for a fraction of the cost charged by hotels and resorts. Just remember when bagging accommodation via this route that room service is not going to be included in the price, or even offered.
  3. Finally, and this is a tip worth taking however and wherever you opt to stay when in New York, you can take a little time to familiarise yourself with the different areas of New York and decide where you would be willing to stay, from how far from the City’s heart you are willing to travel to which neighbourhoods you are willing to consider taking a room or suite in. As with every city, certain New York locales have better reputations than others. Hence,, ahead of simply booking a BnB or hotel in the cheapest, do you homework by giving the 2016 Guardian Newspaper article: Budget Hotels and BnBs in New York: Reader’s Tips a read.

Free Attractions

New York is not a cheap city. That said, as with many major and massively popular and populated cities, New York is as brimful with free attractions as it is people. Hence, saving money on getting out and about is actually far easier than many realise.

The trick is to do your research into the free attractions provided in the city, such as visiting the iconic Central Park (which also hosts a number of free events and concerts throughout the year), ahead of hitting the Big apple. This will enable you to get an idea of what you want to do as well as plan cost effective ways of getting to, from and between attractions.

It might also help to decide for you the area of New York you wish to book accommodation in. That is, you might save hundreds (potentially) on accommodation by taking a room or suite further out from the city’s centre, but travel to then get to all you want to do and see could quickly undo all your savings, and as well result in spending more of your holiday exploring the underground or stuck in a yellow cab in the traffic than actually enjoying the sights.

Where to Shop

Speaking of saving money, there is little point in making an effort to do so if all that saved money isn’t going to provide you with some serious dollars to blow at the end of it all. And in New York spending big bucks is not only easy, but one of the utmost reasons why millions of us travel there every year. Reiterated, New York is a fashion capital of the world and as such it is filled with some of the world’s most expensive and exciting stores.

Then, it is worth planning at least a few of its famous stores and shopping hubs you know you want to hit whilst in The City. Whilst this will potentially prevent those shopping on budget from becoming swept up in the plethora of choice provided in its shopping districts and ending up over spending, it will also provide some structure to a shopping trip and prevent all shoppers from missing out on where it was they meant to get or see due to all the other great stores they end up in on the journey to get there.

Fortunately, the NY Magazine website is at hand with their super informative visitors’ guide to shopping in New York covers 25 of New York’s most famous, best loved and most exciting stores and places to relieve one’s self of their big bucks.

More Information

Still looking for ideas as to where to eat, grab a cocktail or coffee, catch a game, find a gig o join a parade? If you aren’t, you should be; New York is full of all these things.

To discover where to find the best of them, continue your NY holiday planning by heading over to the Timeout Magazine website which features a New York Events Calendar to ensure you do not miss out on what is going down in the Big apple, whenever you opt to get there.

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